application benefit

Together with you we will bring your new plant-based products onto the line.

Our philosophy is to use the traditional production process, for example of dairy products, for plant-based alternatives.


  • Existing technology can be used
  • Process flow and efficiency are maintained
  • This maintains the high standardized quality
  • Low manufacturing costs

Fractionated Almond Protein

  • Controllable fat and protein distribution
  • Stable nutritional values
cold forged:
  • White flour The color of the product can be determined
  • No roasted aromas Carrier for desired aromas
  • Fine grinding soft, creamy mouthfeel
High functionality:
  • Lower percentage use cheaper recipe
  • Clean label formula

Applications and application advice

With our highly functional ingredients, we enable plant-based products of the future.
Together with you we develop concrete applications for your products:

  • yogurt
  • Quark
  • pudding
  • cream cheese
  • vegan cheese alternatives
  • Gorgonzola
  • Camembert


    milk substitutes

    • cooking cream
    • Drink milk
    • Fruit, vanilla and chocolate milk

    Bakery products

    • pastries and cheesecake
    • Bread, rolls and yeast pastries



    Our gentle manufacturing processes ensure the natural functionality of our ingredients.

    We work every day to improve and stabilize the functionality.

    Our goal is to break down our raw materials into their individual components in order to be able to use them in industrial production, so that the end consumer can be guaranteed the product stability they are accustomed to.



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