Industry sectors

Use our ingredients to manufacture your plant-based products of the future, such as: cheese and milk alternatives, healthy ready meals, sweets and desserts, delicatessen and delicacies, dietary supplements or baby and children’s food.

food industry

We are your manufacturer and wholesaler for gluten-free and vegan raw material specialties for the food industry.

Use our products to produce high-quality food such as

  • vegan meat or cheese alternatives
  • gluten free baked goods
  • healthy ready meals
  • sweets and desserts
  • Delicatessen and Delicatessen
  • Dietary supplements or
  • Baby and children’s food.

nutritional supplement

OPW Ingredients is your raw material partner for high-quality plant flour and protein powder for the production of your vegan diet and sports food. Our plant-based raw materials are the perfect alternative to conventional whey protein powders.

Produce vegan with our raw materials

  • protein shakes
  • protein bars
  • or protein snacks.

cosmetics and pharmacy

We are your manufacturer and wholesaler for pharmaceutical vegetable oils and fats.

Use our raw materials as active ingredient oils or coatings to produce yours

  • medicines and painkillers
  • ointments and tinctures
  • tablets or capsules

retail trade



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