coconut flour

Ideal for mixed drinks or mueslis, fruit salads, yoghurts and many other dishes.


Fresh coconut flesh is gently dried, de-oiled and ground into fine coconut flour. The refreshing taste of the coconut flour makes you think of white sandy beaches and palm trees when you eat it. Our coconut flour not only impresses with its high protein and fiber content, but also with its low carbohydrate and cholesterol content. It is ideal for low-carb recipes and is often used in the preparation of cakes and desserts. Whether in muesli, yoghurt, fruit salad or for baking – coconut flour always provides a very special taste experience.

  • Quality : organic
  • Origin/Province : Philippines
  • Application : food, bakery, sports nutrition
  • Properties : gluten free, lactose free, vegan

Coconut flour is particularly suitable for people with celiac disease or a sensitive digestive system. Coconut flour contains the healthy medium-chain fatty acids (MCTs), which promote the absorption of minerals, especially magnesium and calcium, and fat-soluble vitamins from food.

In gluten-free recipes, coconut flour can replace other gluten-free flours by 10% and give them an aromatic coconut flavor. In conventional recipes, coconut flour can even replace up to a third of the usual white flour.

  • Ideal for mixed drinks or mueslis, fruit salads, yoghurts and many other dishes
  • Helps with weight loss and stimulates the metabolism
  • Coconut flour contains all 8 essential amino acids

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