Plant-based products have become firmly established in the range of food retailers in recent years, examples being drinks and fermented products based on oats, coconut, rice and almonds. In this context, almonds are one of the few raw materials of plant-based dairy alternatives that also provide protein to the final product.

Almond drinks and almond yoghurts are usually made on the basis of an almond pulp obtained by grinding whole blanched almonds. Since the use of blanched high-quality almonds is a decisive cost factor for the above-mentioned products, the quality of the end product, especially the color and taste, often suffers due to the cost pressure of the retail trade. OPW Ingredients has developed a concept that allows manufacturers to achieve cost savings without sacrificing product quality or protein content.

In past newsletters, more attention has been paid to the processing and product-related advantages of an almond paste over almond pulp. However, another advantage of almond paste is its flexibility and cost-saving potential:

Almond pulp contains about 50% virgin almond oil, which is a valuable (and high-priced) raw material in the cosmetics industry. With the help of OPW Ingredients innovative technology, the fat component, namely virgin almond oil, can be replaced with a less expensive canola oil.

The canola oil perfectly adapts to the almond protein and supports the natural properties of the protein.

A positive side effect is achieved by the favorable ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids in canola oil, this in turn has a positive influence on the nutriscore of the final product.

The process preserves the identity of the almond. The clear canola oil paired with the micro-milled almond protein creates a light and neutral tasting almond paste. By combining protein and oil, individual pastes with adjusted fat and protein contents can be produced

Our finely ground almond protein is already successfully used in plant drinks and yogurts. We will be happy to advise you on the correct application in your recipe and show you the full power and possibilities of almonds!

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