Cold-pressed almond oil is considered a valuable vegetable raw material. No excessive heat is used in the production process, resulting in a pure, light-yellow oil. Because of its purity, it is mostly used in food applications. However, it also offers a clean and very natural raw material for cosmetic applications. For cost reasons, refined oil is often used in cosmetics. Nevertheless, this is heavily treated and has lost all vital substances. It is therefore not a suitable ingredient for natural products. Cold-pressed and gently filtered almond oil can be a good solution for this.

Who has not stumbled across the INCI designation Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis while browsing through the ingredients list of their skin care products? Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis oil, or almond oil for short, has been an extremely popular base oil in various skin care products for decades. Why not, after all, it is naturally an extremely skin-friendly oil that provides excellent care for sensitive and rough skin.

But is it always the same oil behind the INCI designation? Most of the almond oil used is refined. Chemical additives and vacuum are used to extract the colour, fragrance, and nutrients from the almond oil. It is therefore economically logical not to use the best raw materials as a starting product, since the oil loses all its vital substances before it is sold. The raw material for the „crude oil“ is so-called oil stock, the waste left over from the various steps of the almond processing. However, ingredients that are as natural as possible are also gaining importance in cosmetic applications.

A better alternative is therefore pure, cold-pressed almond oil. The gentle cold production ensures the almond’s natural mixture of vital substances with multifunctional effects. It is an ideal basis for cosmetic formulations in the field of „care and decorative cosmetics“.

whole, sweet almonds are the basis of this natural and functional oil

The production process starts with whole sweet almonds, which are blanched with the help of steam. Subsequently, the oil is pressed at temperatures not higher than 60°C. The oil is clearly filtered without the addition of filter aids to ensure a product that is as pure, clean, and natural as possible.

Cold-pressed almond oil can thus support the body internally and externally. It offers high skin compatibility, has a moisturising and soothing effect and is suitable for almost all skin types.

The gentle production process also allows the press cake to be used in food applications. Due to the integrated use of the almond, no residue is generated in the manufacturing of cold-pressed almond oil and protein.

As you can see, it’s possible!

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