We stick to our guns: in the medium term, humanity will not be able to be fed by animal protein in the form of dairy and meat products. However, the current range of milk alternatives is characterized by gray or brownish products with vegetable off-flavors that do not meet consumer expectations. These color variations disappoint many consumers and often lead them to go back to conventional animal products instead the next time they buy. As a result, vegan yogurt alternatives are still a niche on the market so far, as they cannot fully meet the high standards of appearance and quality. However, finely milled almond protein makes it possible to develop vegan yogurt alternatives that are indistinguishable from dairy-based products in terms of appearance, taste and consistency.

The current trend toward plant-based products is driven by several factors. Increased environmental awareness, ethical considerations, health benefits, and the growing diversity of plant-based alternatives all play a critical role. This growing trend creates a promising market situation for innovative plant-based products such as almond protein-based yogurt alternatives.

So far, despite their potential, plant-based alternative products have often remained anchored in the vegan niche. This is due to several challenges. First, many of these products failed to meet consumers‘ high expectations for the appearance, taste and consistency of animal products. Gray or brownish color variations and taste differences have often disappointed consumers and led them to continue choosing conventional animal products. In addition, limited availability, low marketing activity and high prices meant that plant-based alternative products were previously only accessible to a specific target group. However, finely milled almond protein and other innovative solutions from OPW Ingredients offer the opportunity to overcome these challenges and bring plant-based alternative products into the mainstream.

The aforementioned problems of color variations and off-flavors are due to the vegetable proteins that are used. Many inexpensive protein isolates or nut pastes can develop undesirable roasted flavors due to heat buildup during the production process. In addition, heat treatment in the production of nut pastes causes them to lose their natural functionality, color and flavor properties. The result is grayish or brown raw materials with undesirable flavors that have limited suitability for the production of white and neutral yogurt alternatives.

Micronized, native almond protein offers a simple solution to color deviations and makes a true „milk white“ possible!

Finely ground almond protein offers a simple solution for the production of high-quality vegetable yogurt alternatives. The cold processing of almond protein keeps it free of color variations and roasted flavors that often occur with other vegetable protein sources. The almond protein retains its natural functionality, resulting in excellent binding and consistency in the yogurt alternatives. As a result, plant-based yogurts with almond protein can offer the same quality and indulgence experience as traditional dairy-based yogurts. This innovative manufacturing method makes it possible to develop high-quality and appealing plant-based yogurt alternatives to meet the growing demand for vegan products.

Our micronized almond protein is already successfully used in plant drinks and yogurts. We will be happy to advise you on the correct application in your recipe and show you the full power and possibilities of almonds!

As you can see, it’s possible!

Let’s work together to develop high-quality and meaningful products for everyone – not yogurt, but delicious!