In a market environment characterized by an almost unmanageable abundance of vegetable oils, almond oil with its outstanding properties is currently experiencing a remarkable growth in awareness. Almond oil is a pure and unadulterated option that offers a variety of benefits in both cosmetic and food applications. Due to the purely mechanical production, the natural vital substances remain in the oil, making it a particularly compatible oil. In a business environment that is strongly focused on cost and availability, however, almond oil offers manufacturers untapped potential that needs to be recognized and exploited: a securely available natural raw material at constant prices that is suitable as a base oil in almost all application areas. Read on to find out more about OPWs almond oil

Unsurpassed quality through the strictest selection criteria: Our philosophy at OPW is to offer our customers products of outstanding quality. Therefore, we subject our cold-pressed almond oil to the most demanding requirements in terms of product quality. We set the highest standards in terms of microbiology, hydrogen cyanide content, color intensity and certification (e.g. IFS Food, organic). Only raw materials that meet these strict criteria enter our production to ensure that our customers always receive an oil of the highest purity.

Varietal purity in perfection: What particularly distinguishes our cold-pressed almond oil is the fact that only almonds are processed in our plants. Unlike other oil mills that process different nuts and seeds on the same equipment, we guarantee the highest varietal purity and thus an almond oil of exceptional purity and taste.

Gentle cold pressing for outstanding quality: Our almond oil is obtained by a slow and gentle cold pressing of the blanched almonds. This process is consistently done below 60 degrees Celsius to preserve the light color of the protein and oil. In this way, we ensure the preservation of the valuable ingredients.

Highest quality standards through elaborate filtration: The elaborate filtration without filter additives of our almond oil leads to a quality that meets the requirements of Ph. Eur. corresponds. This filtration makes allergens in the oil almost undetectable, which makes our product particularly suitable for people with allergies.

Particularly pure and compatible, almond oil offers a natural solution for a wide range of applications.

All these factors make OPW Almond Oil a particularly compatible oil, which is not only excellent as a care product for children and babies, but also for skin and hair care products for all age groups.

In addition to our cold-pressed almond oil, we also offer refined oil varieties, both conventional and Bio-Qualität.

Finally, we would like to draw your attention to an important piece of information: The crop projections to date are predominantly low. The poor harvest is related to the extreme heat and drought that both Italy and Spain have experienced during the summer. This can result in limited availabilities of the almonds and therefore the oil. We therefore strongly recommend planning and securing your volumes for 2024 early to avoid bottlenecks and benefit from our current prices.

We thank you for your confidence in OPW products and are always at your disposal, just contact us.